School or College Management System ERP

This School Software is available on both modes- Online as well as Offline. Both modes have all the modules and features. Modules of School Software - Time Table Messaging Attendance- Student Admission Courses and Batches Examination - Human Resource User Management News Management - Student Details Finance Multiple Dashboards.

Software Features

  • MY SCHOOLS CMS - Package covers all types of educational institutions like schools and colleges. Integrates and facilitates 4 types of user accounts of a school : Using – Tablet PC / Desktop / Online / Mobile Phone.
  • Administrator
  • Teacher
  • Student
  • Parent

Modules Covered:

  • Administrator - Dashboard / Manage students class/group wise / Add / edit / delete student / View profile of students / View marksheet of sudent / View ID card of student / Manage teacher profile / Add / edit / delete teacher information / Manage parent according to student classwise / Create / edit / delete parent information / Create / edit / delete class / group for students. / Create / edit / delete subjects here from subject menu / Subjects can be defined seperately according to each classes / Manage exam / semester listing / Manage marks (edit/ update) and attendance exam,class & student wise / Manage exam grades / Manage class routine / Create / edit / delete class routine schedule on 7days a week / Manage payment for student / Create / edit / delete invoice listing / View invoice and print them / Manage library / Create / edit / delete booklist / Manage transportation routes for school / Manage dormitory listing for school / Manage noticeboard of school / Create / edit / delete notices according to date / Notices are visible in calendar in dashboard / Edit system settings / Paypal email in system settings is paypal payment gateway for student invoice online payments / Manage language of the software / Create your own language and convert the language phrases easily / Create backup and restore anytime / Manage own profile / Access account from anywhere, by any device like desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet.
Web Content Management Account famility provided, using this manager account you can edit / update your web sie with out having any HTML design or coding knowledge, 5 Emails IDs, 500 MB Web Space, No Database. News Letter plug in (Optional)
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